Why do I need an energy audit?


So you have decided to cut your energy costs, but where exactly do you start?

Most of us don’t really know how much electricity our home consumes. To start saving we need to find out what appliances use the most energy and how much energy they consume. A clear identification of energy consumption is the best way to reduce energy usage and to start saving correctly.

With the escalating cost of electricity the need to accurately measure electricity is critically important. You must be thinking, how exactly can we monitor our energy consumption?

The simple answer, through an ENERGY AUDIT.

An Energy audit is a device used to monitor the amount of energy you currently use over a period of time, through the use of an energy logger computer program. This sophisticated software quantifies the exact usage of your current energy.

An Energy Audit is the first step towards designing and implementing alternative energy solutions effectively and efficiently. This enables us to take a closer look at what your energy usage patterns are and helps us to understand the cost implications of the various appliances which consume energy in our home/premises. The system measures 10 or 20 circuit breakers simultaneously. A single consolidated report is produced giving a precise picture of exactly where energy is being consumed. Data can be viewed remotely or down loaded from our unit.

Before you install a photovoltaic system in your home, it is crucial that you reduce your current energy consumption. A reduction on energy will successfully enable you to make an informed decision on efficiency and alternative energy products based on cost and benefit.

To find out more go to http://solartechwc.co.za/files/products/energy-audits.html


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