Turn the Sun off, my solar water is too hot!!!

Summer is officially on its way! This brings with it the African Sun which will reach thirty degrees plus daily. The wind will blow in Cape Town and the surfers will enjoy the waves at our beaches. But for solar geysers to function at their optimum, they need to be used daily.

With the days being so hot and sticky, how we use hot water changes. Colder showers are a cool way to freshen up after a fun day in the sun or hard day’s work.

The end result is that the mixture of hot & cold water starts to lean more to cold water usage. The sun’s heat is transferring its energy to the solar water collector where the water temperature is reaching extreme high temperatures.

With our decreased hot water usage and the soaring sun energy, the water inside the tank starts every day at a higher temperature. This ultimately leads to the temperature of the water in the tank becoming dangerously hot. There are safety valves that will automatically be activated to prevent the water from reaching boiling point. The extreme hot water will be dispersed and cold water flows into the tank, which automatically reduces the overall water temperature.

With this inevitably action there is water losses in the name of safety and the valve’s life cycle is reduced from the extreme temperatures.

How can this be avoided?

Easy, cover the collector completely or partially from the sun’s rays, thus indirectly the sun will be turned off.

When I go on holiday what do I do with my solar geyser?

If you intend on going away on holiday and leaving your solar geyser home alone, you will need some action to avoid over-heating of water. Without the hot water being used the temperature will increase until the valves disperse of the high temperature water.

However, what happens if valve malfunctions and fails to work? To answer simply, the excessive high temperatures will most likely damage the tank, thus shorting its life cycle.

The worst scenario would be a burst tank and there is nothing worse than coming home from your holiday to a burst tank.

What is the alternative solution?

The solution is quite simple. The collector will need to be covered to block out the sun’s rays either completely or partially to prevent the sun from overheating the water in the tank.

Consequently, the sun’s energy will be turned down

Introducing the Solar Power Protector

We have the product that is the solution to your summer solar needs, which is able to inevitably “turn the sun’s power off”.

Our Solar Power Protector is made from 550grams PVC which is the same strength as those used on truck tarpaulins.

Solar Power Protector covers dimensions are 2050mm*1310mm with eyelets in each corner and reinforced hems. Thus easy to attach to a collector with an elastic cord.

It is weather proof and highly durable.

Contact us today for a quote on our Solar Power Protector.



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