Solar Pool Pumps


In South Africa, our pools traditionally have been powered by powerful electrical pump motors. A few years ago, it was normal to have 1,1kW pool pump on a 50 000-litre pool, talk about overkill. Due to the increase in the cost of electricity, it has forced pool installers to reduce to a smaller 750-watt electric pool pump. In fact, your electric pool pump will be the second highest consumer of electricity to your electric geyser. For no understandable reason, pool owners are often running the pool filtering process for far too many hours per day, especially in winter.

On the motor, there is a plate, which indicates the kilowatt usage for that motor.


So what is your electric pool pump actually costing you?
Let us look at the consumption in Rands as per the example below:
Pool Pump 750 watt * 8 hours p/day = 6000 watts
30 days per/month * 6000 watts = 180 000 watts
Convert watts to kW 180 000/1000 = 180 kW
Cost per kW R 2.00 * 180kW = R360.00 per month
From this calculation, you will see how much electricity your electric pool pump is costing you per month.
The purpose of a pool pump is to circulate the water through a filter to keep the pool water clean. For a filter to work at its optimum efficiency by design, do you think it is more effective with water going through this process at great speed or at a reduced speed? In fact, if water is passed through the filter sand at a slower rate, there is more opportunity for the dirt particles to remain in the sand. Therefore, slower speed motors will clean the pool water more efficiently.
Saving electricity and improving the filtering process has led to the design of eco pool pumps. These pumps can operate at different lower speeds and definitely save electricity, however, these eco pumps still use electricity.

We have two models of a solar powered DC pool pumps namely a 500 watt and 750 watts. The 500 watt is powered by two 250 watt solar modules and the 750 watts is powered by four 200 watt solar modules. The operating times will differ depending on the season, however, in summer, it can operate up to ten hours per day. This is a solar powered pump, which means zero electricity usage, as there is no inverter or MPPT charge controller required. This solar pool pump is the most cost-effective way to circulate water for your swimming pool. It can be used for fish ponds or whatever other water needs to be circulated. The pump has been designed in such a manner that in the event that there is insufficient sunlight, then the pump can be connected in parallel to the main electricity supply.


By purchasing a solar pool pump, it makes more financial sense and can be a viable investment with a good return. In fact, the solar pool pump will pay for itself within four a half years and over a ten-year life cycle, this product could save you an estimated R 50 000.00 in electricity costs. See table below:


Please watch our YouTube video on “How Solar bring joy with clean pools”


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